Switch, Lata, CLLI programmatic access

Accurate switch, LATA and CLLI information for landline, mobile, and VoIP numbers.

Network Information
One of the most comprehensive sources of North American call routing info. Get number details like carrier, rate center, LATA, carrier and location.
Business-relevant data
Rate Center, LATA, Carrier and location info is relevant for: billing, call routing, porting, etc

Accurate Call Routing and Billing

You will need this data for call routing decisions in your switch, as well as for further rating and billing of your calls. Use this info to perform LCR (Least Cost Routing) on your calls.
Starting at $0.005/query.

Exchange Info

Get accurate info such as:
Carrier number / name
Type of service (landline, mobile, VoIP)
LATA info
Switch CLLI
Rate center info

Get Rate Center by:

Get info such as:
Find Rate Center by name
Find Rate Center by location

Switch Data

Access our switch database via API for accurate routing information.
Find local exchange info by phone number, prefix or find rate center by name/location.
API Access

curl -X GET \
//Sample response:
  "status": {"code":200,"msg":""},
    "city":"NEW YORK",
    "lec":"VERIZON NEW YORK INC.",


LATA/Tandem database Features

Switch Info
Switch Info
Get details such as LATA, rate center and locality.
Carrier Info
Carrier Info
Get details such as carrier name, number, type of service.
Search Rate Centers
Search rate centers by location, name, number or prefix.
API Access
API access for further implementation in your call switch or billing platform.
Realtime Data
(Almost) Real-Time Data
Information in our database is updated as near to real time as possible, whenever there are announcements about new area code assignments or NANPA/CNAC changes.